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Educational ERP

It is a user-interactive, flexible, robust, easy-to-access and diversified School / College / University Management ERP platform, which can be embedded in every generation devices. It is a smart educational system, which enables every feature, functions and completes the daily needs of School, Colleges, Universities and Educational Institutions. It provides different roles and functionality to every unique user(Role Based Application ) with diversified perspective. It effectively manages day to day administrative activity like managing grades, student attendance, Exam & Result, Employee & Payroll, Fees & Account, Certificates, Front office, Transportation, Hostel, Library, Canteen etc.


  • The new e-Office system is an integrated file and records management system that allows employees to manage content, search for data internally and collaborate. The file system also enables the electronic movement and the tracking of files, and the archival and retrieval of data. The system is planned to be secure and confidential, automating routine tasks, capable on handling the required workload, with the facility of monitoring work and auto-escalation when there are delays.

Dairy Management

  • It is application software to create communication between rural area people and dairy management. The Rural area people cannot fill or send their cattle milk directly to dairy. The Dairy management have many franchisees at all small villages so people can give their milk at franchisees and dairy management collect the milk from franchisees daily. Our software milk management system used at that franchisees for maintain member account and manage inventory and generate Salary and Reports.

E-Monitering And Tracking System

  • RFID school attendance system is a wireless RFID complete student attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RFID based I-Card with them during the school day for School Attendance. SMS is sent to the parents immerdiately that child has entered or left the school premises. RFID school attendance system automatically generates various reports enabling schools to accurately monitor each student's attendance.

Cargo Management System Project

  • The project is developed using ASP.NET framework, is a web-based application designed to computerize the various operations in cargo agencies. It aims at managing and implementing activities and plans of a cargo company. In order to reduce the manual work and to create a reliable working platform, computerized cargo management system is an essential component for all cargo agencies these days. Comprises of various modules like Coustomer module , Transaction module , Billing module , Inquiry module and many more...

Inventory Management System

  • It enables a company to maintain a centralized record of every asset and item in the control of the organization, providing a single source of truth for the location of every item, vendor and supplier information, specifications, and the total number of a particular item currently in stock. Because inventory often consists of movable assets, inventory management systems are critical for keeping tabs on current stock levels and understanding what items move quickly and which items are more slow-moving, which in turn enables organizations to determine when it’s time to reorder with greater accuracy.

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