QA & Testing

Explore the concept of software quality. Dive into insights on the quality assurance and testing process, our best practices and preferred strategies.

QA & Testing

Leverage our Quality Assurance & Software testing services & reap the benefits of a pleasing customer experience

Alexion strives to be a trusted partner in providing QA & Software testing services at affordable prices. Our team of developers focuses on a systematic approach, regardless of the complexity of the client’s needs; we aim to reduce development costs, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce technical and commercial risks for clients.

We aim to transform user experience on desktop, mobile and web apps through stringent testing efforts while focusing on the ROI.

Manual Testing

Our Product engineers, use their manual testing abilities during the product's functional testing, to enhance product's user experience and usability.

Automation Testing

We provide outstanding QA automation testing services to assist enterprises in reducing time-to-market while maintaining high quality.

Performance Testing

Our QA team assists enterprises in detecting, analyzing and resolving issues that affect the performance of their products.

Security Testing

Our pool of test engineers provide various security testing and risk assessment to help businesses in protecting their apps by placing a security mechanisms for digital goods.

Mobile/IoT Testing

We provide scalable services for cross platform mobile applications using manual and automatic approach that works best for clients.

Why us?

  • Engineers with a wide range of skills and experience.
  • Thorough understanding of the industry's nuances.
  • Processes that are well-defined and standardized.
  • To correctly find flaws, you need a perspective that isn't skewed.
  • Hiring professionals take less time; we provide expertise in affordable price.

Alexion Techno is a next-gen pure-play independent software provider headquartered in the Noida.