Business Applications

Business growth with customized ERP & CRM solutions.

Business Applications

Optimizing business applications as per industry standards is the key to carving a niche for yourself in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. We understand that transitioning and upgrading systems to the cloud can be challenging. Companies find it difficult to regularly analyze and deploy new technologies on their own, thats where Alexion Techno come into play. We help modernize existing systems and guarantee that your corporate environment is maintained safely and cost-effectively with our business application development.

We help our custome through:-

Analysis of business operations :-A systematic Company Process Workflow analysis session is traditionally the first step in picking the suitable software product to fulfil your business demand. This entails a thorough examination of your existing operations, supporting business processes, and future requirements related to the problem you're attempting to address. This is paired with a technical evaluation of the present hardware and software systems. In this manner, we won't make recommendations that conflict with existing tools or make system modifications that obstruct future functional demands from a system or operational viewpoint.

Deciding software that suits your business :-Deciding the right software for your company may be a time-consuming and often perplexing process that many businesses go through on their own. These businesses frequently lack experience analyzing and selecting integrated software tools that would help them run more effective business operations and improve performance. The success of software deployment, particularly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, is critical to many firms' future growth and is based on thorough study and selection.

Project Management :- Quality project management is essential for the practical completion of any software development and implementation project. We can handle all necessary and available data concerning scope, resources, scheduling, and expectations in a mutually produced comprehensive work plan. Problems and risk log is kept throughout the project, progress is tracked, status memos are written, and status meetings are held to allow for the sharing and cooperation of all project data.

Translating data into conversions :-Data is the lifeblood of your company, and it either drives or supports your business choices. We realize how valuable your company's data about your customers, vendors, goods, services, and rivals are beneficial to your customers. When it comes to moving from one business application to another, one of the most common worries is what happens to the data. Alexion Techno can effectively migrate your data to the cloud or web-based point solutions.

Alexion Techno Differentiators:-

24/7 Cloud Support with 99.8 Availability & DR management support

Real-Time Monitoring & Tracking:- Anomalies, Behaviour Intrusion & Traffic Flow.

Automation :- Backups, Recovery, Instance & Container management.

ITIL Management Process for Incident, Problem, Change & Deployment request handling.

Periodical Audits on Security, Compliance, Performance and Cost of the cloud deployments.

Identification :-Identifying and tagging resources by usage and ownership. Doing this helps you design a layout for the overall resource usage. Identifying owners of respective resources help you understand the spending required for individual resources.

Visibility :-Make the resources (both running and reserved) visible to all the users within the organization. This avoids repetition of instances and deviation to other services.

Fix Budget :-Resource identification and their enhanced visibility make it easy for planning budgets for individual accounts based on actual usage. This helps in planning the overall cloud budget.

List Resources :-Finalize the list of resources that are required for your cloud environment. Allow only those that are of specific sizes or support specific instances. Thus, you can make spending on only required resources and ignore the unapproved ones.

Scheduling :-Save more than 70 percent of costs by shutting down repeating instances that are not in use. Allow those requiring 24/7 functioning and schedule the rest as per needs.

Region-wise Pricing :-It is important to note that cloud costs vary with the region by around 60 percent. So, keep track of regions and your workloads running there. Compare and analyzing region-wise costs can help you optimize future expenditure.

Storage Management :-Take snapshots of your storage regularly as a backup and delete large volumes that are left unused. Remember, Remember! Storage volumes cause hidden costs.